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Turn your garage into a: Recreational room, TV Movie Room, Home Gym, Smoking Den, Party Zone, Pet Room. Whatever you desire, the possibilities are endless.
A Simple Solution to Expand Your Living Space

You donít need to build an addition to increase your homeís livable space. Maryland Screens can install a Lifestyle Garage Door Screen in a few hours that instantly adds another room to your home.
  • Maximize Space - By screening your garage door opening, you can use your garage for more than storing household items and parking cars.
  • Add Comfort and Convenience - Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without the bothersome drawbacks. The Lifestyle Garage Door Screen provides superior protection from the sun, blowing debris, insects, and other pests. Unlike traditional motorized screens, the Lifestyle Garage Door Screen requires no electricity and no HOA approval.
  • Customize Your Experience - The optional door-within-a-door feature allows you to walk in and out of the garage without raising the entire screen panel. Add a privacy screen to limit visibility into the garage during the day.

"Whatever your desire, the possibilities are endless..."

How Do They Work?

  • Pull down - the screen seals around the existing garage door opening.
  • Pull up - the screen stores safely and securely out of the way.
The Lifestyle Garage Door Screen integrates seamlessly with your existing garage door. Using a secondary set of tracks, the screen exchanges positions with your garage door without any interference.
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